Pub photos from the seventies, commercial shots and Limited Edition A3 prints

I shoot stock photography for my Agency, Alamy.com and some of those shots, sold commercially, can be seen by clicking on "Commercial Shots". These photos have sold to publishers of books, calendars and magazines throughout the world. For a full viewing of over 1400 of my commercially led photographs please visit www.alamy.com and search for "Clive Thompson".

A small number of prints can be purchased from this site as Limited Edition Prints, each edition limited to 20 only, please see "Limited Editions"

"Pub Photos 1973 and Onward" is a section being continually updated as I scan 6x6 black and white negatives and upload them to the site. The pubs appear in alphabetical order with descriptions where known and addresses, including postcodes where researched. Alamy references are given for the shots of each pub, for commercial use, and a description of how to obtain one-off A3 prints also included for use via Paypal.